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How Wraps and Parking Sensors Work in Harmony 
"Parking sensors are particularly tricky when it comes to wrapping, and they have been an item of discussion among installers since their conception. The debate continues 15 years later. We have heard installers mention that films with metalized layers or chrome finishes create noise and obstruct the sensors’ ability to properly identify range. We have not seen a significant change in the ability to properly sense range due to wraps, but it is always best practice to wrap, trim and post heat before testing on each vehicle. This article reviews three different methods for wrapping vehicles with sensors"

How to Choose the Right Heat Press for Thermal Transfer

"When trying to determine which heat press will suit your needs, it is important to think about the work you will want to do in the future, as well as the work you are currently doing.  Price point should not be the only factor influencing your decision, as you may lose work and impact your productivity by buying the incorrect press at the outset. This article looks at questions to ask and information on available styles."

5 Tips and Tricks for Smarter Weeding

"Time and money are easily two of the most valuable things when it comes to a profitable HTV business. Everyone wants to be able to produce products as quickly as possible for as little money possible. This article shares a few tricks of the trade to utilize the most of your material and weed your designs faster!"

How to Remove Window Films - A Step-by-Step Video Guide by 3M
"Customized interior graphics continue to grow in popularity as more and more of the building surfaces around us become glass. Window decals, striping, frosting and privacy films are an important part of this ongoing trend. However, many of these materials have permanent adhesives and can be difficult to remove and change out. 3M now offers some helpful advice on how to successfully remove these films, quickly and easily."

Removing Weathered Graphics

Getting Started with Vehicle Wraps

Understanding the Directionality of Film

Understanding Different Window Graphic Options

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