Government Affairs

NOTICE: City of Guelph - Changes to Permanent Sign Program into effect July 1, 2018

In order to improve safety and facilitate improved turnaround times relating to the permanent signs, the following changes will come into effect July 1, 2018: 1. Permits for freestanding signs over 1.8m above ground level will be required to be designed and reviewed by a professional engineer. 2. Permits for projecting building signs (including addresses) weighing more than 25kg will be required to be designed and reviewed by a professional engineer. 3. In addition to the “Application for a Permit to Construct”, a “Sign permit details – Permanent Signs” will also be required to be submitted with all permanent sign permit applications. For your convenience, these forms are available online together as part of a new “Permanent sign application package” at 4. Permits relating to permanent signs will be reviewed within ten business days.

May 2018

Cracking Down on Illegal Signage

It’s against Brampton’s municipal by-laws to affix many forms of informational media on city property. That’s when companies, individuals, organizations, groups, and others, illegally place signs, stickers, and posters on boulevards, traffic light poles, and traffic signs.

May 2018

Updates to the City of Toronto Sign Permits & Information Page

On May 7, 2018, the sign industry had their annual touch-point meeting with City of Toronto’s Sign Bylaw Unit staff. The meeting objective was to review what’s new and what to expect from the year to come. During the meeting, the City of Toronto Sign Bylaw Unit staff updated us on the revamped Sign Permit and Information Page.

May 2018

City of Guelph Update

Nathan Dart Wrote: There were some good discussions and the City of Guelph seems very willing to engage key stakeholders and take into consideration the needs of businesses and industry trends relating to signage. Last night, April 10, was just the first step in the process. The City has also created a public input forum through the following link: A short breakdown of the by-law process is as follows: Public Information Session (April 10th). Receipt of comments through the mindmixer link or written comments accepted. The city will prepare a first draft (Summer 2018). The public and agencies will be given an opportunity to review and comment on the by-law, the City will evaluate the comments and revise the by-law were warranted in their view. The second draft will be released and hopefully before council by Spring of 2019!

April 2018